Applications: Gravity

The clearly defined bite point and maximum power make it the first choice for gravity and high-speed pilots. The new 1-finger HC lever blade modulates the enormous braking power as desired.


Technical Details

● Weight: 255 g
● Material Master: Carbotecture SL
● Material Lever Blade: Hollow Aluminium
● Material Caliper: Aluminum
● Hydraulic: Yes
● Brake Medium: Royal Blood
● EBT: Yes
● BAT/TPA: Yes - tool-less
● Banjo Fitting: Yes
● 2-Piston: No
● 4-Piston: Yes
● Reach Adjust: Yes - tool-less
● Flip-Flop: Yes
● Shift Mix: Yes
● Remote Mix: Yes
● Recommended Rotor: Storm HC
● Lever Blade: 1-Finger HC lever
● Tubing: MAGURA disc tube
● eBike Switch: No
● Mounting: PM/IS
● Colors: Black-Fluro-Yellow (Master), Mystic Grey Anodized (Caliper)


You will have...

● Award-winning braking performance.
● Adaptable ergonomics.
● Weight ratio performance.