With the MT8 SL FM, ambitious cross-country racers can brake right when they want to – at the last moment. The MT8 SL FM accommodates brake discs up to 180 mm, making it just as powerful and wearresistant as the MT8 SL, on which it is based.


Technical Details

● Weight: 200 g
● Material Master: Carbotecture SL
● Material Lever Blade: Carbolay
● Material Caliper: Aluminum
● Hydraulic: Yes
● Brake Medium: Royal Blood
● EBT: Yes
● Banjo Fitting: Yes
● 2-Piston: Yes
● 4-Piston: No
● Reach Adjust: Yes - tool allen3
● Flip-Flop: Yes
● Shift Mix: Yes
● Remote Mix: Yes
● Recommended Rotor: Storm SL
● Lever Blade: 2-Finger  
● Tubing: MAGURA disc tube
● eBike Switch: No
● Mounting: PM/IS
● Colors: Raceline Yellow (Master), Carbon (Lever)


You will have...

● Low-Wear.
Compact design and reduced complexity thanks to uniform pads and greater braking power and stability for the customer.

● Integrated Design.
The overall neon- yellow look (brake lever cover and caliper rings) lends the MT8 SL its race image and the compact design allows a better frame integration and new frame designs.

● Suitable for racing.
The HC carbon lever blade has a comfortable feel and the high-tech material combines ultra-light weight and rigidity, a clear benefit for riders.