The Passion People - MAGURA Factory Visit


Ever wondered what your German company name might sound like? Take the beginning of your family name and combine it with the first letters of your business's birthplace. It's a traditional name generator in the 'Mutterland' and exactly the way 'MAGURA' was born - brainchild of Gustav 'Magenwirth' who called the historic spa town of 'Bad Urach' home in the late 1800s. Six distinctive-sounding letters is pretty neat for a country that calls a speed limit 'geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung'... luckily a word you'll never need on the Autobahn. Anyway, it was here, nestled in between Stuttgart and the Schwabian Alps in Reutlingen, Southern Germany, that the self-proclaimed 'Passion People' set up shop over 120 years ago. After all those years, a Pinkbike visit was beginning to sound overdue and finally this summer we made the trip to find out what it is that keeps this homemade brand firing on all cylinders and why the words 'made in Germany' are set in stone... and a good deal of carbon fiber composite.
What is Magura all about? MAGURA is about the passion to create high-performance products of the utmost reliability, succeeding as pioneers in our business. Armed with decades of know-how, we are always looking to offer solution-oriented products to be winners alongside our customers. We are also a family-determined, economically independent organisation that is proud to Schwabian. In the years to come we hope to remain just as innovative, inventive, rooted in the soil, all whilst maintaining the best face-to-face relations with those who invest in our equipment - Fabian Auch - MAGURA CEO



By Nathan Hughes on Pinkbike