MAGURA 2018 MT Trail Sport Brakes


MAGURA's newest brake system is the MT Trail Sport which combines existing components to build a budget-conscious version of the boutique MT Trail system. Marin used a similar MAGURA configuration on select bikes for 2017 with great results.


The one new brake model coming to market is the MT Trail Sport which is actually a combination of their MT 5 four-piston system up front, MT 4 two-piston system out back and a set of HC lever blades. The goal is to deliver the feel and performance of the MT Trail system at a lower price and if my experience with my MT 7 and lower priced MT 5 brakes is any indication it's going to be a great buy.


In other words, if you are looking to experience MAGURA's very well received MT series of brakes on a strict budget the MT Trail Sport, MT 5 and MT 4 brake systems may scratch that itch. This piece is about a lot of hop-ups and add-ons that will primp up a bike, clean up a cockpit and fine tune performance - all at a cost - but are in no way necessary upgrades to their excellent brakes.




By Andrew Major