The best e-mtb brakes




The MT 5 and MT 7 are two of the gravity range of brakes from Magura. We love everything about this brake but primarily it’s the sensory stuff that this brake is simply so good at. There’s a super sensitive connectivity between lever and disc which no other brake manufacturer offers quite like.


The materials feel right, the lever shape and stiffness/flex is excellent and as we’ve found with heavy e-mtb’s the power delivery is consistent, precise and reliable. It’s all you need in a brake on an e-mtb.


In terms of details, this ‘heir to the Gustav’ which was one of the brands most iconic stoppers, is said to deliver ‘optimum heat transfer, a clearly defined pressure point, with maximum power.’ It has an adjustable, tool free bite point adjust, 4 piston design, with a low weight (375g) and balanced weight distribution. It almost feels like your fingers are on the discs, so sensitive is the feeling. Simply superb.



By Steve Jones