First Look: Danny MacAskill MAGURA Brakes



The viral bike video king helped develop some limited-run brakes with adjustable power.

Video sensation and alien-human hybrid Danny MacAskill now has his own signature disc brake from Magura. If you're wondering why MacAskill gets special brakes, check out this video and then come back:



The brakes—appropriately named “MT7 Danny MacAskill”—are based on MAGURA’s four-piston MT7 downhill and enduro brakes, but boast unique levers. Previous to the launch of his signature brake, MacAskill had already co-developed a new one-finger brake lever with Magura. That lever, called HC, has a wide blade and soft contours, and is 12mm shorter than MAGURA’s standard two-finger lever. The HC is available as an upgrade for existing MT-series brakes.


The MacAskill MT7 brake's lever is the same basic size and shape as the HC lever, but adds a mechanical leverage ratio adjustment. This should allow riders to make the brake feel more powerful by reducing the pull force needed to reach lockup, or dial in a wider modulation band with less of an on/off feel to the power. According to MAGURA’s press materials, this feature was borrowed from the company’s motorcycle products. Lever reach is independently adjustable from the ratio adjust.