Special Christmas greetings from Bad Urach:Danny MacAskill MT7 special e



Everybody has their special Christmas wishes, man and boy alike. Now the MAGURA team is fulfilling a quite unique wish for one of its most outstanding athletes: Danny MacAskill is receiving his personal “MT7 Danny MacAskill Signature Brake”, which is made according to his own ideas. The best of it all is that MAGURA is also making the special edition available to all Danny fans in a limited edition with unique packaging.


What is on Danny's wish list?

4-piston brake power

The best possible, ergonomic 1-finger brake lever

Maximum adjustability

Perfect brake modulation

Own Danny-Design


The result is a disc brake for Danny’s trial and enduro riding, a brake that brings together MAGURA know-how from bike and motorbike in a unique way: MT7 caliper with 4-piston brake power and a new HC3 brake lever with a maximum of adjustment options. And, fulfilling Danny's wishes, all of it in MAGURA neon yellow with a Danny MacAskill signature on the brake lever.



The HC3 brake lever is what makes the brake system unique. Firstly the MAGURA motorbike DNA gives the brake lever‘Reach Adjust’with an ergonomic 1-finger brake lever, that is easily adjusted using an Allen key to match individual hand size. The second feature is‘Ratio Adjust’. This was extremely important for Danny  because he wanted to be able to precisely adjust the lever amplification ratio. Thisfeature can be adjusted with a T25 Torx key.



The brakes are supplied in an aluminium presentation box and include two spare sets of 8.R brake pads as well as the set of 8.P brake pads used in the original  system.



Who apart from Danny can ride using the brake?

All his fans, whether enduro or trial, collectors, or simply anybody for whom MAGURA neon yellow makes the difference.


MT7 Danny MacAskill Signature Brake Key Data

Weight: 375 g

Grip material: Carbotecture SL

Lever material: Hollow aluminum

Caliper material: Aluminum

Brake fluid Royal: Blood

Banjo fitting: Yes

4-piston: Yes

Reach Adjust: 3 mm

Flip-flop: Yes

Shift Mix: optional

Recommended  brake disc: Storm HC

Lever: 1-finger

Brake line: MAGURA disc Tube

eBike switch: No

Mounting: PM/IS

Colors: Black / Neon Yellow