2+4=3 100% Trail Performance with the new MAGURA MT trail carbon




How much braking force does a Trail/ Allmountain biker need?

This is something which MAGURA engineers have spent a lot of time thinking about. Getting the calculation right requires in-depth research and lots and lots of know-how. The MAGURA result: 2 pistons in the back, 4 pistons in the front!


The experience and brakes knowhow of MAGURA's engineers are all it takes, as the test results and feedback for the new MAGURA MT8 and MT7 generation amply demonstrate. The performance of both MT models in each of their specific areas, cross-country racing and gravity-assisted biking, has been confirmed by numerous best-in-test awards in the trade press.


Between cross country racing and gravity, however, there is a whole range of disciplines, from all mountain, trail and enduro which, thanks to market and customer feedback, has opened up further potential for product optimisation and a whole new calculation.



The performance of the MT7 was superb. With a little less weight at the back and modified trail performance it has been optimised even more. The MT8 stands out thanks to its low weight. On long descents during long tours with full suspension bikes customers want adequate performance from the front wheel in particular.


Which is why MAGURA engineers have combined the 2 pistons from the back wheel of the MT8 and the 4 pistons from the front wheel of the MT7 to create a new brake for trail bikes from 120–160 mm (27.5,B+ or 29 inch, depending on tyre size) for the new MT Trail Carbon. This is why the following sum really adds up: 2 + 4 = 3 


Weighing in at 332 grams the MT Trail Carbon is 15% lighter than the MT7 and just 5% heavier than the MT8 (299 grams), but still provides 100% trail performance.

The weight was optimised thanks to Carbolay carbon levers and Carbotecture SL brake lever housing. “They‘re the perfect brakes for me,“ enthuses bike mountain  climber Harald Philipp. “When I‘m riding the front axle brake guarantees 95% safety and the rear wheel brake provides perfect control.“



The MT Trail Carbon has a shiny deep-black carbon design on the handlebars and high-gloss chrome on the brake calliper. The MAGURA MT Trail Carbon fits perfectly in the important and interesting field between MT8 and MT7 and gives bikers a fantastic choice of brake performance for wherever they want to ride, for their bike and – very importantly – for their own personal weight.


MAGURA offers for the future a selection of various brake pads and disc sizes for all kinds of use. Thanks to the MAGURA Shiftmix clamp the Shimano I-Spec I and II and SRAM shifters can be assembled cleanly and neatly with the brake. MAGURA is once again setting new standards and creating innovative solutions with the MT Trail Carbon disc brake, with its 2 pistons in the rear and 4 at the front.

MAGURA – Changing the game.

Technology - MT Trail Carbon

WEIGHT: 332 g

MASTER: Carbotecture SL



PISTONS: 2 rear / 4 front