The Cordillera Challenge 2017


Team Chiru-Magura has been racing through Asia from the Mongolian Grasslands to the tropical forests of Malaysia, but never have they brought their Chiru spad to the Philippines!


Toughest Endurance MTB race in Asia!

The Cordillera, Philippines - Rocks, Mud, Dirt, Heat, Rain, Hail, the 8th edition of the Cordillera Challenge did not disappoint! After 92km, 3,000 m D+, a max elevation of 1,800 m the 3 podium contenders finished within 3 minutes of each other with a winning time of 5h34 for team Xicad ( winner of 2016 Cordillera Epic ) taking 1st and 3rd while Team Chiru-Magura took 2nd overall. 


A showcase of the wild spaces of the Cordillera in Kapangan and Kibungan Benguet near Baguio ( 300 km north of Manila ).  2017 marks the year with the most diverse group of riders ever -from every corner of the Philippines and Asia with teams and riders coming all the way from as far as Davao, Palawan, Bicol, Ilocos Norte, and Cebu, and abroad from Norway, U.K., U.S.A, France, Singapore, Hong Kong.


" It was about 7 years that I haven't raced in the Philippines, and when race director JP Alipio extended his invitation to ride the mountains surrounding Baguio the time of a "week-end escapade", I did not hesitate a second ! With a 5am start, we discovered a beautiful raw nature but also a brutal course!! Slopes as steep as 25% at some point, loose rocks, mud: The Wild cocktail !!

Gap with the leader has been around 2/3 mins the whole race, while I was pacing myself for a strong finish..I finally caught the 2nd rider in the last downhill, and battled the last 7km climb in a mercy less duel under the mid-day heat which turned to my advantage as probably better hydrated,...I was stoked !!.  I highly recommend this race, it's a beast ! " said Le Magnan from Team Chiru-Magura.


The Cordillera Challenge 2017, Overall Podium

1st     Eddie Laconia           Team Xicad                     05h34
2nd    Pierre Le Magnan     Team Chiru-Magura       05h35
3rd     Vincent Alingasa       Team Xicad                    05h36